New MS Teams free edition; Wiki and Files doesn’t work

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I created new organization, couple of channels etc. Cannot use Files and Wiki, it says that “preparing storage for wiki. Wait and try again later”. But after 3 days the same problem. I was also invited to different org and there I also cannot use wiki or files or any other document in that org. It says that I don’t have access to that file even though I’m also the “owner” in that Team.

Channels chats only works. It looks like some kind of SharePoint issue.

tested via web, desktop app and iOS app.


Have anyone the same problems?

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@Bartez I'm having the exact same issue, hence why I am now frantically browsing the community to try and find a solution!



To access to Wiki and files admin should do the following:


1. Select "Open in Sharepoint" from the channel options
2. Go to "Site Contents" on the left-hand side menu
3. Select "Teams Wiki Data" from the contents list
4. Select the channel folder

Permissions can be viewed/modified by selecting the opening the "Details Pane" by clicking the "info" icon in the top right


"preparing storage for wiki. Wait and try again later"


This should be fix soon as Teams having an issues now due to high usage.






Could you please post some picture? I cannot find it anywhere - in general settings, or team settings or channel settings - nowhere sharepoint is mentioned. Maybe you hace the paid version and the options looks different?



Click on open SharePoint and follow the steps.


Please see my screenshot - don't have all the options you have....



not here my friend. Click on the dots at the top right.


Again, the same limited options .... :)


@Bartez I am replying just to say that I have exactly the same issue! I have no solution, I'm sorry. I've posted a question about this also and was directed to check SharePoint but I cannot find the access to SharePoint anywhere also. I posted a question on this before I saw your question. If I do find answers, or if someone answers my question, I will post it here too.