New meeting experience - Show Captions (GCC)


We just received the new meeting calling/experience in our Teams instance. We are a GCC client. When someone in the meeting/call enables show captions, a "Transcription-GCC-bot" appears as another participant in the meeting/call. Even when captions are turned off, the participant still shows. Is that by design? Is there a way to hide that, especially if no one has 'show captions' enabled?TranscriptionBot.JPG

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What is this "transcription-GCC bot"  that is taking up screen space w/o doing anything useful? What is it and, more importantly, how do I turn it off? Note that I had never seen it until I enabled the new "Meeting in a Window" feature that was just introduced.

@Ed_Winslow - I agree that the bot takes up valuable real estate on the screen without adding much. Frustrating that there's not a way to hide the bot to give more screen to human participants.