New Meeting Experience - issue with chat and accessing Forms

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I am using the new meeting experience in Teams - i.e., my Meetings automatically pop out into a new "window."  When I turn on chat, I'm unable to click the "..." to access adding apps like "Forms."  I even tried to type in "@forms" in the chat box in order to access Forms to add a poll.  This didn't work.  


However, I am able to go back into the main Teams window, go to the chat section, find the chat related to the meeting, and can access FORMS from here.  Is there some setting I need to set to allow me to access Forms from the New Experience meeting window?

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Hi @eileenw

See here

This question explains it. Microsoft are working on it and they recommend to do exactly what you are doing for the time being

Q. Why are message extensions grayed out? I like to send polls in meeting chat.
A. We’re working on it! For now, if you want to send a poll or use other message extensions in the meeting chat, go back to the main Teams window, select the meeting chat (either via the Calendar or the list in Chat), and do it there.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Thank you. That’s perfect.
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately I have the same issue but the meeting chat in the main Team window also doesn't show the Forms option (also not with @Forms). Any suggestions?


@Christopher Hoard I still experience the Message Extension still being greyed today.

Any idea or suggestion? Thanks

@meidygi Have you found a fix or resolution for this? I cannot access any extensions when in a meeting. 

@eileenw Has this been fixed for you? I still cannot click the "..." and get any options. 

@eileenw I am still having this issue, is there a fix yet? Thanks

Hi Chris, has the extensions in microsoft teams chat been enabled yet? Thanks

@AGilbert25 I'm still having the issue, as "messaging extensions" is grayed out for me.  Not sure if my system admin controls that or if it is a Microsoft thing.  I did find that new functionality regarding Polls was recently added - Microsoft Forms Brings Polls to Microsoft Teams Meetings  So, could be helpful if you are the Meeting owner.

@Christopher Hoard 

Mine is also grayed out. I can't send praise even when I go to that actual app. How can I fix this?