New Meeting and calling experience not showing up

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Since one week ago the option for new meeting has gone away. I use version You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 8/15/20.



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Try manually search for an update!

I have version ending in 23654


@adam deltinger 

No update available. i tried check for update multiple times from yesterday but no success.


Do other in your org have the same experience?


@adam deltinger 

I havent heard from all of them but 2 with Teams version (64-bit) have the option and 2 with my version did not.



Okay! I’d suggest you wait for a bit and it will probably show up after a update

@adam deltinger 

Thanks. But I would like a confirmation from Microsoft of any change  because there are a lot of users who submitted this problem (Not in our organization , I mean globally)

I had the new meeting experience a couple of weeks ago.  I no longer have it yet colleagues of mine still have it!!  I am running version 1.300.21759.  Just tried updating but it says I am running the latest version.