New Functionality - Be able to execute a quick edit in the Files Tab of Team

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I think it would be awesome to be able to execute a quick edit in the interface of Microsoft teams.  For example, there is a document in the files tab but someone wants to add text to a multi line column call columns.... you can not do it via this interface.  

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Hi @DonnaJ415 


Not sure if I understood your query correctly. But there is an option already in the File Tab to do a quick edit of the document. Right Click on the Document > Open in Team > Edit the Document within the Teams Application.


Let me know in case I misunderstood your query.


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Satish U

Editing of a file is not what is being asked for.  In SharePoint, there is a Quick Edit feature that lets you edit the properties/columns for all the files in the Document Library.  It looks like Excel and is a standard Best Practice for SharePoint.  This makes SharePoint MUCH more usable.  Without it, many just create a LOT of folders at a LOT of sub-levels, which can quickly cause meeting the URL length limitation (so you cannot send direct links to files), and causes the LOST FILE EXPEDITION fiasco (going up and down a TON of folders trying to find something - when the search isn't working).  @Satish2805 

To get around this, I just click Files in Teams and click Open in SharePoint and then copy the url. Then I go back to Teams and make that URL a tab in TEAMS (i.e. Files Quick Edit), which I place right next to the Files tab).  The files are shown INSIDE Teams in the classic SharePoint and you can click the Quick Edit to do what is needed (inside TEAMS). @Satish2805