New file opens in browser when default set to Open in Desktop

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This was raised as a question from a customer and verified the behavior in our own tenant as well.

When (in desktop client) using Teams or Browser as the default, creating new file works as expected opening the file in Teams or in browser but when default is set to Desktop new file opens in browser.


Default: Teams

  • New file opens in Teams
  • Existing file opens in Teams

Default: Browser

  • New file opens in browser
  • Existing file opens in browser

Default: Desktop

  • New file opens in browser
  • Existing file opens in desktop app


This is not exactly in line through different options. It would make at least a bit more sense if new file opens in Teams when default is set to Desktop. Using browser for new file is less preferable than Teams, if opening in Desktop is not working.


Anyone else experienced the same and have any further insights?

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On testing this myself on Teams on Mac OS, I can't reproduce the behaviour. Desktop set as the default works OK for me and new and existing files opened within Teams open in the desktop app.
Okay, thanks for confirming this. My device and customer is running Windows 10 so maybe only Windows-side issue.
Just checked on Surface laptop too running Windows 10 and no problems for me there either. Sorry, that's not much help to you I know. May be worth opening a support ticket with Microsoft to see if they can advise further.

@Kim Blomberg I have the same issue with the Teams desktop client ( on Windows 10 (10.0.19044.1466) with all the latest patches installed as at 20 Jan 2022.

Have you ever managed to resolve the issue for your customer?

Something else that I noticed as well is if you do not allow the browser to complete loading the "New" file but close it the created file is corrupted.

@MaartinB No, have not been able to solve this yet. Experiencing this on my own Win10 which was same as yours (Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044) device in Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 22.12.2021. Updated right now (20-Jan-22) Teams to version (64-bit)-E but no help on this.


Tried running both in normal and developer preview mode but same behavior regardless.