New Feature: Schedule Microsoft Team Chat Messages

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In this video, I preview a new Microsoft Teams feature that was just added into the Microsoft Teams public preview program: the ability to schedule chat messages. Note that prior to the addition of this out-of-the-box functionality, Microsoft did push out a interface to Power Automate that allowed you to schedule chat messages to be sent at a later time (this video has a call out to this tutorial if interested). It is expected that this feature will be generally available in the coming months.

To use this functionality, simply navigate to the chat you want to send a scheduled message in and right click the send button. This will bring up a menu asking you to input the date-time. Some notable limitations as the time of recording this video: 1) you can only send a scheduled message to a recipient whom you have chatted with previously and 2) you can only schedule chat messages to be sent every half hour (i.e. you cannot input a custom time).


What are your thoughts about Microsoft’s approach to scheduling chat messages?

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@LuiIacobellis doesn't seem to work in the mobile app for iPhone?

This doesn't seem to work in mobile app for Android either.
Long press on "Send" does nothing.

@LuiIacobellis This is great, but I think it would also be nice to have a "Send when user is available" option!

Would this feature work in Channels as well? Or is it only for chats and discussions?

I'm not entirely sure. It is long overdue though as this can be done on other major competitor platforms for a while now
This feature only works for chats and not channel posts.
Yes, unfortunately this feature is not available on Mobile yet.
do you know whether the teams application needs to remain running in order for the message to be sent? If my computer is off, for instance, will the message still be sent at the scheduled time?
your computer / mobile does not need to be ON to have the message sent at the scheduled time.