New enhanced Calls App experience - When do we ALL get it?

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As the subject says, does anyone know when the new calling experience UI is supposed to be update for everyone?

It was supposed to be release at the beginning of this month and propagate over time. Its been nearly a month now and while many of our 900 users in our tenant have the new UI, the rest are sporting the old look.


Sure, i understand that a lot of users actually dislike the new UI, but what we as admins dislike even more are variations and questions like "why does mine look different theirs?"


One or the other please.....

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@gpoon80 Still waiting for our users to get it too. It was posted that it would roll out by the end of May. Most of June is now over, and still nothing.

Probably bad form but Bump......
Still have a ton of users with the old UI. Can anyone confirm if this is MS halting rollouts due to bug or anything?

@gpoon80 Looks like references to this feature have been removed from O365 message center.

That suggests it's been put on hold. Would be nice if they rolled it back so that our whole environment is uniform....
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@gpoon80 I finally got the update. Seems it's rolling out slowly.