Nested Auto Attendant

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good day!

I'm trying to setup a nested auto attendant in teams and struggling with the best way to achieve this.

we have a basic auto attendant setup currently.

1 - Canada

2 - USA

3 - Any other inquiries


I'd like to add nesting so that when someone presses 1, we then provide the following options

1 - Sales

2 - Support

3 - HR


can someone provide any documentation on how to achieve this?



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Hi Mariam,
I have a similar requirement and want to know if you were able to configure this? If yes, how many levels of nested auto attendants one can set?

Gautam Lakshmiratan
I created something like that with 3 auto attendant
First (Main):
1 menu in French Voice App MainFrenchMenu
2 menu in English Voice App MainEnglishMenu
Second (MainFrenchMenu):
1 après vente Person John Doe
2 achats Voice app Call Queue
Third (MainEnglishMenu):
1 after-sales Person John Doe
2 puchasing Voice app Call Queue

Hope it can help.