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I have 3 concerns with the MS teams app


1. Working on slow Internet 

The location I am working from has slow internet speeds and becomes a bit difficult to take calls with MS teams, but at the very same moment zoom and bluejeans works like magic with the same level of internet speed.


2. RAM requirements

MS teams app just demands around 1GB RAM for even to run the basics of it, like chat or browse through. Would love to see better optimized app with regards to memory requirements.


3. Real-estate during screen share

Thanks for adding the focus mode, prior to that option it was even more difficult to see the screen shared. But still it can be improved further. Currently I see two panels on the top during focus mode, one for the regular windows panel and the second one showing the call options. If these two can be merged it will give more real-estate for screen sharing.


Looking forward to hear back if there are improvements in these areas. 


Thank you.


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For requests the best place is the Teams uservoice where Microsoft picks up upvoted requests:


Thank you @adam deltinger