Need more than 30 channels for a Team, is this possible to make happen?

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Now that we are all online, I would like to create a private channel for each school in our district for School Advisory Council (SAC), but we have 45 schools at the moment and 2 new schools under construction and Teams will only allow 30.  Would it be possible to expand the number of private channels in Teams.  It is an awesome tool, Love working with Teams, but I cannot use it the way I need to.  Please advise.

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This is the current limit and cannot be changed!
I believe the limit will be raised eventually

Are a community member or Team Developer?
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As a community member and MVP! I’d go to teams uservoice and vote for it there:

Why creating a Team for every school is not and option here?

@Juan Carlos González Martín Because we are trying to streamline and have a one-stop-shop between schools and the District Accountability office.  These channels are for the District side and not for individual school sites.

Question: Once you hit 30 private channels, you are at your max for a Team. If you delete 2 private channels, would you be able to add 2 different private channels to reach the max again?


Or once you reach the 30 private channel limit, even if you delete a private channel on that Team, you are unable to create another private channel? Hope I am making sense...