Need help verifying my account. Verification email is blank

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Before I start, this is my college account. But the question here is for my personal account.


I have registered my personal account with Teams and then I receive an email from Teams but I don't know what the email is.








When logging into Teams, all it says is this: 




Can someone help me with this as I have no idea how to confirm the account with the email like this?



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So just to be sure are you using a commercial account, so say an or a for your personal account sign in?

However and more likely for me is that the email address being utilised effectively as your username is associated with a domain that already has Teams? This can happen if say for my account I setup an alias of my

Although the more I think about this but still leaving in the above in case it is of use. Is that if you truly signed up for a Personal Teams account as in Family and Friends then to you can only interact with it via the mobile app.

Or did you mean the free version of Teams?

So for me there are effectively 3 types of Teams Orgs at the moment:

1. Corp by way of an M365 plan
2. Free slimline version
3. Personal family and friends