Need help to search for Team messages chat history for a user

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Please i have a colleague who is trying to search for Teams messages chat history for a particular user for the last 45days.


But unfortunately we cant find the Teams chat message history between him and that user. 


Does anyone have any idea how to search for the teams chat history for the last 45days. 


Any idea @Eric Marsi 



@Christopher Hoard

@Allen Xu_MSFT


@Steven Collier


@paul keijzers

@Bryan Nyce

@adam deltinger 

@Chris Webb


@Graham Walsh


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Try eDiscovery


Conduct an eDiscovery investigation of content - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Of course, that may still not work if the messages have been deleted (if you allow it via the messaging policy or have a retention policy in place - for example under 45 days)


Best, Chris

Hello @Christopher Hoard 


 I ran the search and I didn’t see an teams messages, just emails.


Do you any idea why i cant find the teams chat message history. 



I have attached a screen shot to this message

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Ok, in EDiscovery in compliance centre

1.) Give yourself the EDiscovery role
2.) Select Core EDiscovery and Create a Case
3.) New Search
4.) Choose Microsoft Exchange, M365 Groups, Teams - No others. On Users select the two users who you want to find Teams Messages for, not just the sender
5.) Conditions - select condition card builder. Remove Keywords and add condition Date and set the date range around the time the messages were
6.) Run the search

This should get it. I have just tested on a tenant and works perfectly. If you don't see the messages here, chances are they have deleted them. You'll need to check your messaging policy applied to those users and see if they can delete messages.

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris