Need help in creating custom Pinned chats

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Hi Team,


Please help me in attempting to pin individual user chats<& group chats> in MS teams/channels to different collapsible groups. Like as per below arrangement:


  • Pinned chats group A
  •    Pinned chats category 1
  •    Pinned chats category 2
  • Pinned chats group B
  •    Pinned chats category 3
  •    Pinned chats category 4
  • Pinned chats group C
  •    Pinned chats category 5
  •    Pinned chats category 6
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There's no such functionality in Teams currently, sorry.
I am looking also for dynamic pin groups so I can pin chats to specific gorup of chats and keep the communication more effective. This is especially needed when there are more urgent topics to be discussed in parallel with multiple different people.

@Vlado371 There is no ability to pin a chat for another user.


It seems most likely that what you need to use is Teams and Channels to give you a hierarchy of topics and channels that matches your structure. If you use notifications correctly with @mentioning you'll get the alerting you need.


@Steven Colliermaybe better to give real scenario here. I need to get feedback on chat from 5 employees but I cannot chat them in a group chat. I need to chat each one separately and I need the feedback within an hour. So I have now actively pinned 5 chats. Then there is urgent issue where I need to contact 5 other people separately and now I have 10 active chat pinned as it is urgent. Then I am receiving another chat ad hoc which I do not pin. Now if you imagine my teams screen it looks like 10 pinned chats under Pinned label and the rest of chats under Recent label. If I need to pin more then I am not able to see the unpinned without zooming out...which I do not want as it is uncomfortable to read. Now in this situation I would prefer to be able to create ad hoc pin label/group, for example 'next week PTOs' and other one like 'production performance' and pin each chat to each specific label. This way I can collapse the pinned chats and explore only when there is new message. When I receive feedback I unpin the chat and when I unpin last chat the label/group can get deleted. The labels can be every time different as well as the people so there is no way to get this somehow structured in advance. I hope this clarifies my situation and suggested behaviour. Many thanks for your attention and suggestions.

@Vlado371 Well, as we've told you this isn't possible in Teams, you can suggest the idea at Microsoft Teams · Community and if thousands of other people also have the requirement it might get built in months or years time.


One idea would be to create Teams for your groups, then use the new Shared Channels to create a channel per colleague, invite them to the channel and ask them for their feedback. That way you have it all neatly organised similar to how you described.


Would the whole solution not be simpler if you just used Microsoft Forms, create a form for feedback and send it as a chat to people, when they submit you can collate it all into Excel, trigger notifications etc. With a bit of Power Automate you could probably make the whole thing automatic.