need a new app to open this skype-mrx link

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I need help on this.


Logitech Tap for MTR cannot sign into the Skype user, giving the error that a new app is needed to sign into the skype-mrx link. Equipment is unusable in current state.


This behavior started after a windows update.


Here is the screenshot




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I had this on my two MTRs after a windows update last week. The only way I found around it was to reimage the NUC with a file from Logitech’s tech support that I got for a different problem. That took the Teams app version back a few revisions though so I had to them use the latest offline updater from Microsoft for the teams app. I then paused windows updates for a week to prevent the issue from repeating temporarily. I know Microsoft are aware of it according to Logitechs tech support so hopefully a fix for it is forthcoming.

I’m not saying this is the best way to resolve it, just what worked for me as no one seemed in any hurry to help me resolve it and seemingly just expected me to sit with two MTRs in an unusable state indefinitely.