NDI options not showing

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HI. I don't see a NDI options in teams Setting>permissions... can someone help

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@Evertonfernandes Do you know if it been enabled in the Meeting policy assigned to your user? If yes, you might just have to wait a couple of hours.



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Thanks Linus... where do I find this?

@Evertonfernandes It's in the meeting policy in Teams admin.

@Steven Collier Hate to piggyback but we too are having the same problem. It's been enabled in the default org policy (and it's the only policy) but it's been a few days and the option doesn't show. Checked for Teams updates and it's current. Any ideas?


@Aaron Myers 


I have seen that the permissions tab under settings sometimes doesn't show, after I quit and restart Teams it then shows.

I still cannot found that option to enable ndi

@Timo_Tahvanainen Do you know if other users in your organisation got the same problem? If no, can you sign in to another computer and try?

We had NDI enabled, a single user, the Teams app installed on 3 Windows machines. Microsoft changed the Org option from "Enable NDI" to "Enable Local Braudcasting" and when they did that we lost NDI on one machine (the only one that needs it).

Currently 2 machines have the option to start NDI in a meeting that's in progress. But the third doesn't give the option. We've disabled NDI org wide and waited 8 hours (and lost it on the other 2), re-enabled NDI org wide (and got it back on the other 2) but it still won't display the NDI option for meetings on the 3ed machine.

We logged out and back in to teams on the third machine. This did not fix the problem.

We uninstalled and re-installed teams onto the machine. This did not fix the problem.

As of this moment 2 teams clients allow NDI. The third does not. All are logged in with the same admin account.