Native Linux client?

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Are there any plans to offer a native Linux client?


We have quite a bunch of Linux users and being able to provide Microsoft Teams with a native client for them would be a real game changer for us...


I read somewhere that Electron is used for the desktop apps - so this should be more than possible I think.


Given the fact that "Microsoft loves Linux" and "other chats" are providing such a client this should be a no-brainer Smiley Wink

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for everyone else strongly needing the client. please like here and vote there:


It would be so much appreciated to have a native Linux client (Ubuntu).
Currently our Linux users keep using Slack as the web browser version of Teams is not good enough for their daily productivity.
If not all our team members can be efficient under Teams, we'll have to go back to Slack mainly for that reason :(

Please, do something for Linux users :'(

Try this out -

It's a very basic Electron wrapper of the webapp.

Thanks for your answer.


We've also tested this wrapper: but it makes no real difference with using Teams through any web browser.


Our Linux users still can't receive notifications properly on their machines.


A true native Linux client is really needed.

Thanks for this Ivelin. Good to see this is actively being developed, and supports native Linux notification systems.


Will test it out today.

A plugin for pidgin would be the best solution. Then I can customize the client the way I want it and use one client for ALL my IM/chat protocols.

Definitely, a linux desktop app for Teams is needed.
Out of interest Sebastian, what do you use as an email client for O365 on Linux?

@Suphatra Rufo - Is there any update on status of Linux client for Microsoft Teams?  The Teams Uservoice community has been very silent lately.  We have been piloting Teams in comparison with Slack and we have many users, particularly in DevOps who see the lack of Linux client as a big barrier.  This is largely due to the lack of notifications when using Teams in browser.  Thank you.


Not Sebastin answering, but under Ubuntu I use the web client for O365 email - it's pretty full function - very few necessary things you can't do (emptying trash and clutter being one of those, if those folders get too full)

I agree - MS - just get on with it ASAP. It's a great product but to be this far behind the curve on a native Linux client is VERY poor

I would like to also chime in that the lack of linux clients for the collaboration apps is highly desired.  VSTS has been a game changer for being able to really use microsoft's workflow for open source development.  However, the lack of a native client for lync.. er, I mean skype, and teams is a serious issue for virtually all of the developers on my team, and my division.  We all run Ubuntu on our development boxes, and having to run a windows VM just to get messages is a pain.


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None of our developers use and refuse to use MS TEAMS due to no Linux client and lack of notifications using the web gui. With the addition of external access we are nearly there (it works well) but ALL our engineers run Linux which is killing us rolling out this globally

is there any other better notification tool we could use via Chrome or IE ?

Agree totally, all our developers will continue to use Slack until MS Teams linux client becomes available. We have office 365 suite but can't use collaboration tools like MS Teams !!

i really need microsoft teams for linux/centos i hated to comming back on windows at work. so i despearatly waiting for its linux stable version.

Hey Linux guys. I stumbled across this tool today, which is kind of amazing if it works well, but it allows multiple tenants etc. and has Teams as an option. At least for windows. It has a linux download, but not sure if it will support Teams or not on it. Worth a shot if one of you guys want to test and report back.

I am using Franz on Ubuntu 18.04 with Teams and it works well enough to be usable day to day.


What you don't get:

banner / popup / sound notifications from Teams


What you do get:

Little red dot on the tray icon when team message comes through.
I can live with that vs alternatives like web where no notifications whatsoever
Unexpected bonus : Can have all your IM services in one convenient location.
Simplified my life having to switch between Slack / Whatsapp / Hangouts and Teams



Our organization is in a almost identical position, although the implementation of Teams has only just started "unofficially", i.e. people are adopting it, its our developers who need to be convinced. a Linux Client, or an Ubuntu client that allows them to use it without having a VM running would be fantastic.


Those of us that use Teams really like it and see some great benefits, but not being able to have our engineers on board is a bit of a negative.

Wow, almost 2 years later and still no client. Typical. If MS really wants to take on Slack, they are going to have to support Linux with a native client that has all of the features of the Win / Mac clients.