Naming a channel "Forms" will have issues. Known bug?


I had a user bring up an interesting issue today. They created a channel and called it "Forms". When uploading files to that channel, all sorts of errors started to occur. His thought was that it is because there is already a hidden folder called "Forms" in the Shared Documents library in SharePoint. Although a user could create a channel called "Form" (singular) and then rename it to "Forms" later, an end user would not know to do this without instruction.


If the explanation above is true, is Microsoft working on putting an error message on the channel creation box that says that name is not available? Otherwise end users will just think that Teams is broken.

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Yup, you got it right. hidden forms folder in libraries that's reserved but Teams doesn't restrict it. Not sure if it's being worked on thou :P.
I wonder what other red herrings you may come across... :)
This article has a number of file / folder names that cannot be used in OneDrive or SharePoint (but interestingly, Forms is not mentioned):