Names disappear from participant list

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Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/1/21.


While in a video meeting, open participant list, mouse over (hover over) names in participant list and names disappear. Can click on top of list and name reappear, but unable to use participant controls (mute, etc.)... I am experiencing this on two separate computers. Both computers have two external monitors (one computer uses 2 x HDMI, the other computer uses 2 x Display Port).


Reproducible at will. Image of example attached.

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Microsoft is aware of this bug guys, for WorldWide Ring 4, this should be fixed by the 2nd week of April.



I have this same issue and I discovered that if i just resize the window just a tiny bit the issue is resolved!

I have this same issue and I discovered that if i just resize the window just a tiny bit the issue is resolved!
Resizing window only works for me if I make the window full-screen. This isn't a viable workaround in my case (or in most cases) as it doesn't permit visibility of other open windows simultaneously.

@TeamsEnthusiast Here's hoping, but not yet.

The disppearing participants problem has come back!

Problem has returned for me so Teams Cache clearing is not the permanent answer. We need a solution from Microsoft.

I can confirm that both changing the zoom level and full-screening the app worked as work-arounds.  It's at least nice to have those, so thanks to those who posted them.  Hopefully the actual fix comes out this week like @TeamsEnthusiast mentioned.

Received the 04/08/2021 update and issue remains. It appears "more stable" or "less as impactful", but the issue is still present



Still happening to me. I'm on beta release too.


Maximising the window does work but not optimal as noted.



I also have the same issue - could it be because I don't have enough space on my laptop?







So has Microsoft identified this as a bug and fix the issues? I'm starting to get reports from our users and most of them are on updated 4/6/2021. The resizing works as a workaround, but if there is a client version fix, what version has this fixed.

I have the same issue. Completely deinstalled Teams and installed the newest version. Did not solve the problem.



I'm still experiencing this problem - can anyone advise when this will be fixed.


Thanks Sophie


It worked for me. Bue everytime I start meeting, I need to resize it. @Darin_Evans 

Issue still comes in Teams Version (64-bit) , Microsoft should look into this .

This issue happens to me in (64-bit).
Steps to reproduce:
1. Join a meeting
2. Maximize the window (with Call Participants panel shown)
3. Hover mouse over participants, they Disappear:



Is there a beta version where this is fixed?  What version should I upgrade to?

Looks like this still doesn't work

On version latest general release and it still happens.


Anyone know if a fix is coming? Maybe it was fixed previously but back again now across multiple users and clearing the cache doesn't fix it.

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@CVaughan @SophieTsiv 

I had word with Microsoft teams Support they said that its a region issue and it will be fixed before 26th August 2021 team error.JPG


@Chauhan_BuntyI haven't noticed this issue of late. I wish I could tell you exactly when. I assumed it had already been addressed. Thanks for the feedback!