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Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/1/21.


While in a video meeting, open participant list, mouse over (hover over) names in participant list and names disappear. Can click on top of list and name reappear, but unable to use participant controls (mute, etc.)... I am experiencing this on two separate computers. Both computers have two external monitors (one computer uses 2 x HDMI, the other computer uses 2 x Display Port).


Reproducible at will. Image of example attached.

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I am experiencing also same issue. Btw, I am using just laptop screen not seperate monitors.

I am experiencing the exact same thing. Would really like a solution.



Workaround: have the New meeting experience screen maximized manually by holding the edges and dragging (do not hit the square to maximize), you might be able to see the names

Temporary fix: (this would break again after the client gets updated to the buggy version you could try to install other version listed on (the version worked for me) from

(please replace Xs' in the above link) 

@TeamsEnthusiastPremier Support recommended clearing out the Teams cache. You can find Web references on how to do. So far, this has worked.

Clearing cache did not solve the issue. Same symptoms and same effects.
Using full-screen does act as a workaround. But, this is not a preferable workaround as it prevents proper use of other applications simultaneously to using Teams. --- Also, double-clicking header to expand to full-screen works, dragging window to top and auto-expanding to full-screen works too.

Down-reving isn't an option as auto-update (corp policy) simply updates application.

The full-screen workaround does work, if using full-screen is viable for your environment.
Using full-screen does permit me to test and verify I'm still able to use participant controls, but using full-screen in my setting doesn't address other needs. Would imagine full-screen on a laptop would cause similar problems.

@TeamsEnthusiast not worked for me.

@Enesvs  -- Try clearing the Teams cache. This solution appears to have worked.




Are you clearing the Teams cache in the client?

Yes, followed step-by-step to clear the Teams cache, which is a rather simple process. Did not resolve the issue and tested on two machines.

@JayARC1 @mardster13

I also cleared my cache. Easy to do, but still having the issue.

Next idea -- are you on OSX or Windows? Beta or standard release?
Windows 10, standard release

@JayARC1  Following, exact same problem. Clearing cache did not work. Macbook Pro running Teams.


Windows 10, standard

windows 10 10h2
I have the same issue also. I've cleared Teams cache and still appears for a moment, then will disappear fully, or only some participants disappear even though you can see them in the meeting.
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@CVaughan @SophieTsiv 

I had word with Microsoft teams Support they said that its a region issue and it will be fixed before 26th August 2021 team error.JPG


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