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We are trying to create the same OneNote tab Projects 2018 across every channel. So each channel will have a projects 2018 tab that is specific for that channel. I successfully created the first few tabs and now every time I go to add a tab to a new channel it is telling me the name is taken, use a different name. 


You should be able to create the same tab name in each channel correct or am I missing something? 



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you need to check the notebook itself and make sure that there already isn’t a tab name for the channel your in. The new OneNote tab app may handle it differently as well I haven’t messed with it yet. Check that first. But you can move tabs after they are made so what you may have to do is create sections or what not and move your tabs then create new ones.
I you are still using the old way to add tabs this is what is happening: each time you add a OneNote Tab, a new section is added to the Team default OneNote so you cannot create the same section twice since OneNote won't allow you to do it. If you are using the new way to add tabs, then you can face the same problem if you are trying to add a new OneNote per channel since you won't be able to create different OneNote files under the same name

I'm using the + sign on the channel inside of Teams. The first 8 channels I set up I added the OneNote and it added it to the group level OneNote notebook as a section. Now it is creating new notebooks under the notebook folder at the group level instead of adding the section in the main OneNote. 


Did something change in the last week? 

Yes they released an update to the tab OneNote with the latest build. You can choose to use existing notebook or create a new one your probabaly creating a new one instead of using existing.

That is what was happening. I missed the update. Thank you for your help. 


Do you have a link to these release notes? This broke my organizations process of creating a new OneNote section for each channel.  It now instead creates a whole new notebook for each channel. If we want to go back one section per channel, I have to manually create the section to match the channel name, copy the link to the section, and then add the OneNote tab using that link.


I would like the option when creating the OneNote tab to 'Create a section' instead of forcing me to create a whole new notebook.


Yes a link to the release notes would be helpful.  This new way of linking to a notebook is not helpful if you cannot have the option to default the tab to a specific section.

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