Name in "Files" tab isn't the same as Channel's name

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I have the same problem as described in the discussion 1538516 ,

i.e. user created a channel on teams, later the name of the channel was changed, but the name of the "Files" folder keeps the original channel's name (see image below). 



The resolution in the discussion 1538516 was "Within the files tab, click the globe in the top right corner and this will take you to the SharePoint document library where you can update the settings." 


I conducted the steps as described, but I am getting the following error (I am performing this operation using a Channel Owner user):


Any ideas?





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Hi @FabsRT

This was the old workaround for changing the SharePoint Folder name when you renamed the Teams channel: which is not possible anymore because Microsoft are planning to implement a change in February where once you change a Teams Channel name it automatically changes in SharePoint. This keeps name changes in line and synchronised across Teams and SharePoint - you can see it here:

So, options are

1.) Change the name back, leave until February and then rename
2.) Keep the rename in Teams, but this may be confusing for users
3.) Change the name back, create another channel, and move the files over to the new channel though the move option within files, or manually synced to the local machine

Hope that answers your question. 6 weeks away I would recommend waiting for this to be implemented and supported

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard ,


I will update this thread after Microsoft roll out this feature, hopefully around the scheduled period.


Best, -F