Não Consigo acessa o teams

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Não Consigo acessa o times pois foi criado com nosso email pelo colaborador anterior e os dados estão com ele, gostaria de saber como consigo recuperar o acesso.


Translation: I cannot access the team because it was created with our email by the previous collaborator and the data are with him, I would like to know how I can regain access.

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Hello @Hugo1983 - let's see if one of the MVPs can assist.



@Christopher Hoard @ChristianJBergstrom: is the solution for this issue the same as "someone set up an account"?  Someone has already set up Teams for your organization error in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | ...


Hi, sorry but I have no idea what that question means. It could be an admin tenant takeover but difficult to say.
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Hi, this is probably going to be one of two issues. 


1.) The admin set up the tenant and has left and is not using the tenant and only they have the login details. In which case the user needs to perform an admin takeover as Christian has mentioned, or contact Microsoft support, prove ownership and get another set of credentials, or an admin reset


2.) The admin set up the tenant and has left and is actively using the tenant in which case they need to contact Microsoft, provide proof of ownership, contact the tenant owner and perform a tenant to tenant migration to split the domain and services out into a new tenant


Hope that helps


Best, Chris