My microsoft teams is not working.

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I am not able to see the event on Microsoft teams. The screen keeps on getting zoomed and there is no bar to control the time, quality or volume. I am facing this problem only on my phone. It is working on other devices.
My phone model no. is Redmi K20 Pro with MIUI version of 11.0 and android 10
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Hi @Parima_Narula

What is it you are trying to look at in the Teams app on the Android phone? Is it an app? Is it a webpage? If you could give us a pointer. If it is a webpage have you got the link to that webpage?

Best, Chris
The App is not working. I am not able to see the recording.
Ok so it is a recording.

1.) How are you accessing that recording? Through the Teams App for Android?
2.) Are you accessing it through Stream, is it an MP4 uploaded to the files tab in a channel, or are you accessing the video through the associated meeting chat?
3.) Is it the same in both vertical and horizontal views on the phone?
4.) Is it just for this video, or does it impact all video like this? Can you test?
5.) Can you test it on an IoS device? Same issue or does it work?
6.) Any other users can verify this issue?

If it is working in the web app and the desktop app sounds like the mobile app is the issue here

Let me know the answers to the above questions and provide as much detail as possible

Best, Chris
1. Yes, I am accessing the recording throuth the teams app for Android.
2. I am accessing the recording through the associated meeting chat. I am provided with the link for the meeting for each day.
3. It's the same, both vertically and horizontally.
4. It's impacting all of the videos from the link given for the meetings for each day.
5. The link and the app works on other android and ios devices. It also works on laptop.
6. I am the only one, that I know of, facing this issue.
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Ok, the solution here is

1.) Remove and re-add the mobile app and see if it works
2.) Android 10 is the latest version but if you can, see if there are additional updates
3.) If it doesn't, raise a ticket via the Microsoft 365 portal. I have raised a bug reference for you here ( send the screenshots, reference this bug and provide all information so far

Since the issue is impacting only you and no other android devices it sounds like it may be device specific, however the solution for this one would be to raise a ticket and to get that confirmed. It would be good after the investigation, if you could feed back here that it was the case

Best, Chris
My Microsoft teams not working shows error attached screenshot