My Microsoft Teams app looks awfully weird when I open it up on my laptop.

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Is anyone else experiencing this kind of problem - where you can't see the proper format as you normally expect to?


Can someone help me with this please?

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@Elizabeth670  (Solution) 

It was so hard I was alone trying to figure out the issue , at first it look like the application had been Zoomed to the Max , But then nothing populated it was hard to function so I did some hard reset to the app , cleared the cache on teams - ( Percent appdata Percent \ Microsoft\Teams ) and on internet options , then signed out of the app via the task bar , once I signed them out - I forced out the application via task manager and made sure to end process on the background teams.exe that usually runs  , after clearing that - launching teams app logging user back in , App was returned to fully functioning with uiser able to chat , open calendar, and send a call and receive one too.

@Elizabeth670  Also check if you are using latest version of Teams