my mic only works while im in teams

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when im in teams my mic works perfectly fine for all programs that i use like discord. but as soon as i disconnect from teams my mic also stops working in discord this only started today. is there a way to fix this ?? or atleast start a call with myself so my mic works.

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@JasperK4 I have the same problem. The only way to create a private call so that your mic works again is to go to Microsoft teams settings, go to devices, and make a test call. Then after that you can just leave the call running as long as you want.

I had this problem as well. I found this reddit post that solved it.

@JasperK4 This has been happening to me too!! Idk how to fix it and it doesn't make sense!


Same here. No matter what I do, the mic only works while in a Teams call. I've uninstalled Teams and my mic doesn't work anymore in Discord. The only way to be heard is to install Teams again and keep a Teams call active so I can be heard in Discord, independently of being muted in Teams. Anytime I check sound in discord it detects my voice, even when Teams is uninstalled, but nobody hears me. Uninstalling discord (deleting manually local and roaming folders) and installing again does not solve the issue. Teams simply kidnaps the sound the mic detects, and it remains kidnapped even after uninstall.

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@Baalhugi had a reddit thread in which the fix was found i hope this helps you

i cant leave the test call running as long as i want it automatically shuts off