My Laptop shuts down during TEAMS calls

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Like few other collogues I'm using a new Lenovo L13 Yoga. We are using Microsoft TEAMS as our formal application for conference and video calls.
Recently we started facing a "random" issue in which after some time in the call, the computer shuts down. the shut down accrues without a warning and it is a brute force shutdown i.e. without a safe close of all applications. It is as if you were pressing a long press on the power button.
We tried to reinstall TEAMS and to make sure that our laptops are working with the latest update, with no change.

Did anyone ever faced this phenomenon?

Any suggestions?



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@eric_joelyHi, we have the same issue in our company. All Lenovo L13 Yoga shutting down as soon as you pick up a Teams call or join a meeting.


the latest BIOS Version is installed. Also Lenovo System Update no updates available.



@eric_joely Hi there, our company have Thinkpad L13 and we have the same issues: teams shuts down in the middle of a call randomly. the weird thing is that Windows Event Viewer doesn't show any ID events of 1074 or 6008 so i can't say its a hardware issue, or anything.

My IT guy is working with Lenovo support of this issue. Once they will find a remedy, I will share it here @ITGuy123 


We have the same issue with Lenovo L13's.  All updates applied to Lenovo, BIOS,, Windows and Teams.  Nothing showing in Events or Teams logs.  Hoping someone has managed to get a solution from Microsoft or Lenovo.

@ITSupport1  Any luck with this? I have 2 users with the same laptop model and are both having the same issue


Same problem here with three 20R5000KGE models.

I will call Lenovo support today, this is getting super annoying...


Did somebody already try this?

@eric_joely Currently working via a Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 AIO, Windows 10 SL, and I get exactly the same issues, whether I use the desktop app or the browser. My principal swears it's an issue with my internet, but I'm pretty sure (I'm not tech-savvy by any means) it's either something wrong with my processor or something among those lines...


I've tried reinstalling Teams, clearing caché, closing all apps and windows except Teams, and nothing works - I can't even pinpoint an exact cause, since it's always completely random, as you described.


If anyone learns of a way to fix this, I'd be eternally grateful!


Lenovo support told me today that the problem isn't limited to L13 Yoga, customers have also reported it with other models.


They also told me that they don't have or know a solution yet, but they say it is something Microsoft has to fix. They believe that the audio driver is the perpetrator but this is only an assumption.

I will now try to downgrade the audio driver (in my case v9.0.285.40 to v9.0.284.30) and "Disable GPU hardware acceleration". Maybe this will help until there is an appropriate fix.

I'm also being affected by it. We currently have two of the same model having the same issue and up to date.
I have just finished installed Teams as a browser app and a made a small successful test.
Might be an alternative while no fix is available
We too get the same issue, ran all the updates but still get the shut down problem. Some users can't even use the browser version of Teams but it still happens! Ticking the Disable GPU option in Teams did not make a difference. No idea why this happens to some users but not all. Even though they use the same Lenovo L13 laptop.
Thank you ever so much! I'll try that and see if it fixes anything (hopefully it will!)
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@AJ_Quintana @Pedro99 @Knightmare 

Hi everyone - please use the following mitigation plan for this issue while we work with Lenovo to uncover more of the root cause/solution to this: Lenovo Yoga L13 might shut down during Teams meetings (

Sam Cosby,

Teams Engineering PM


Downgrading the audio driver and "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" did not help.

I hope Microsoft can fix the problem soon.

Thanks for your reply.
Looking forward for a remedy to this issue.
@Sam Cosby 

@eric_joely  I have same issue. I log out from Teams en log in again. This workaround helps for a while.



Thanks for your tip,


Unfortunately I tired it several times and even removed TEAMS and installed it again from scratch with no change.


Eric  @Samir Raslan 

@Samir Raslan Yes tried that too, still the same issue, thanks for the suggestion!

@eric_joely  Same issue here, been ongoing for about 5 weeks.  I replaced the problem laptops with new ones and so far no issues for those users.  I have been working on the problem ones for a couple of weeks and no amount of jiggering seems to solve the problem.  Even blasted them both and rebuilt from scratch.  Nothing in any log files at all.  I've also stress tested them both and cannot duplicate the issue.  Only happens when joining or starting a TEAMS meeting.  I can use one of the laptops for days without a problem and then it will rear it's ugly head.  It's frustrating as you can never be sure any of the changes you make actually work without using it for a few days and just when you think you may have it taken care of, it crashes.  Very puzzling.  

We have the same problem in our organisation with a ThinkPad L13 Yoga (Type 20R5-000HMH).

The computer shuts down unexpectedly when starting a Microsoft Teams video call. It doesn't happen every time, though. Also, it happened a couple of times using a Skype video call.

Recently we've got this PC back from a service centre where its touchscreen got replaced after an accident.  The problems started after the repair. Initially, I thought this was some kind of hardware problem unique to our PC but now I know that other people have the same issue. Probably just a coincidence for us since the laptop got shelved for a few months and probably received some "ugly" software updates during the repair.
Thanks everyone for reporting this.

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@AJ_Quintana @Pedro99 @Knightmare 

Hi everyone - please use the following mitigation plan for this issue while we work with Lenovo to uncover more of the root cause/solution to this: Lenovo Yoga L13 might shut down during Teams meetings (

Sam Cosby,

Teams Engineering PM

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