my headset disconnects from bluetooth itself when audio isn't playing

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devices: beats studio 3
system version: Windows 11 Pro
when I start the video again, it will take a few seconds to connect.

my other earphones don't have this issue.

I have tried

1. recharge the headset;

2. reboot it and PC;

3. delete the device and add it.

any help would be appreciated thanks

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Sounds as if the headset is going to sleep. See if it has an auto sleep function and disable it
Thank you for the help! I know what's going on. I just updated to windows11 today. when I use it on otra computer, it goes to sleep too, reconnecting is always very fast that I didn't even notice. I don't know where the auto sleep function is, maybe future updates will fix it. thanks again!
Recently upgraded to 11 and started experiencing this with audio buds. If audio isn't playing for 20 seconds or more, when I play a video it takes 5 seconds to start because the (I believe) it has put BT to sleep. Very much a Windows 11 bug (or I'm sure they will say "feature")