My Experience as a Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter


Recently Microsoft asked me about my experience as a Tech Community Reporter during Microsoft Ignite 2017. Here's my Q&A!



Tell us about your experience working with other Community Reporters during Microsoft Ignite.

The idea was to have ten people from the community giving you updates and commentary on the event, for those there, but also for those following along online. Before doing this, I didn't appreciate quite how many people who can't make the event follow along online.

It was a great experience. The Microsoft Tech Community team and product groups really helped us with access for interviews and content, but pretty much left us to ask the questions we wanted and produce the content we thought would be good value for the community.

It was great to work alongside the other reporters, all well-respected members of the community, and see how everyone approached interviews and content. Twitter and LinkedIn were on fire that week!

I really like the level of respect and engagement Microsoft has with the community in general at the moment, it really shows at events like this, and at the regional Tech Summits too. 


What was your favorite topic to cover at Microsoft Ignite? Why?

I'm focused primarily on Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, so for me there was plenty of interesting news! Microsoft publicly positioned Microsoft Teams as the future direction for Unified Communications and Collaboration in Office 365. Since Microsoft Ignite they have delivered on a public roadmap to show how this vision will gradually develop.

I also had the great opportunity to join Delanda Coleman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Dan Stevenson, Principal Group Program Manager on the new “Teams on Air” Show


You help businesses understand technology. What are key takeaways you’ve shared from Microsoft Ignite with those you advise?

At Microsoft Ignite, and since, I'm spending a lot of time talking to customers about Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, where both products are with features today, what the future holds, and how to start getting value today.

The key takeaway was to start looking at Microsoft Teams now and understanding the business value it can deliver and the cultural change required to maximize its benefits.


What topics have you covered on your blog coming out of Microsoft Ignite?

There has been lots of news since Microsoft Ignite that has helped us better understand the Microsoft Teams news. Some interesting articles I would call out are:

Microsoft Teams Roadmap, What we learnt from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Official Public Roadmap for bringing Skype for Business Abilities to Microsoft Teams

Setup Microsoft Teams for Group Collaboration Only; Turn Off Private Chat, Calling and Meeting

Skype for Business Online IP Phones will work with Microsoft Teams


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If you're using Office 365 today, you really should be looking at Microsoft Teams now. Find a good business use case and try it out. There is a lot of value to be had today, and the roadmap for adding more meeting abilities is exciting.

If you want to follow the important Microsoft UC and Collaboration news, I post regularly at and do videos at, which has a lot of video interviews from Microsoft Ignite with key vendors and the Microsoft Teams product group.

I'm also always happy to talk on Twitter and LinkedIn, I would love to hear your experiences and questions around Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.




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Good stuff @Tom Arbuthnot, I thought adding the Community Reporters to the Ignite experience was a great move by Microsoft.  There are so many good announcements, events, etc that you guys helped us be in multiple places at the same time.


Thanks Jeremy!