My Bluetooth headset audio drops on incoming calls?

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Devices: LG Velvet AND Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Headsets: TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds, Friencity  BT Headset Model: BH-M97 AND Taotronics Model: TT-BH041
I use a headset paired via Bluetooth with my work phone (LG Velvet) in order to take calls for work. Our office as well as a few clients and venders use Microsoft teams for conference calls.
Often when I am on a call and I receive another incoming call (via cell network) the headset will drop the audio from my Teams meeting. The new incoming call will instead ring to my headset and drop the on going conference for teams to the phone itself. Once I reject the incoming call the audio does not pick back up for Teams, I have put the conference back on Bluetooth, but clicking the bluetooth symbol on the top right.
I have tried putting my phone in Do Not Disturb while on my conference calls to prevent incoming calls from disturbing my meeting, but it still happens.  
This has happened on BOTH my LG Velvet and my Galaxy Note 10 with ANY headset I use, including regular ear buds. 
I am not sure if this is an Android, Bluetooth, Headphone or Teams setting? I have attempted a few troubleshooting suggestions on the android help pages and I am still having the issue. 
Thank you.
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Hi @CaliCallahan As you can see from this prior post, it could be any number of things.  See if this helps.  If not, you might want to open a ticket at for personalized tech support:

Audio disconnects on incoming call - Microsoft Tech Community

@ThereseSolimeno I've already read through this discussion and know about the callkit.

I have this exact problem using a Pixel 7 Pro with multiple headsets. It's recently gotten worse. Once a MS Teams call is interrupted, now all audio is gone and i have to drop the Teams call and rejoin to get any audio back (speaker, headset or bluetooth - all gone).

Anyone have suggestions or found a way to fix this?