My app page on the Microsoft Appsource - how to get my users to review ?

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Dear community, 


This is my first post so apologies if this is not the right space. At Open Agora we have developped earlier this year a polling application for Microsft Teams deployed in thousands of teams which is great.

We would like our users to review our app on the appsource page, we've seen some bigger brands apps have many reviews and stars, how can we ignite this from our side ? 


This is the Trello page with many reviews for exemple : 



And this is the Open Agora page : 



Many Thanks for your help! 



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Do you have any "Rate this app"  function built in?

Hello Adam, thanks for your quick reply, i am not a tech so sorry again for being really basic, do you mean it depends on how we built the app and if we selected the review fonction from somewhere ?
I can see a "write a review" here :
But really what i'm looking for is a link I can send to my users (directly in Teams for exemple) to ask them to review the app

Hello community no one can help me here ? 

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