Muting channel members?

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I would like the ability to add public accounts used by several people to a channel and mute them so they cant type while leaving the channel open for other that are using their personal accounts. At the moment the only way to do it is to allow only moderators to post and make everyone a moderator except for the public accounts. This of course is not optimal, is there already a solution to this or does one have to be made? 

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I dont think that's a usage scenario that the Teams folks have considered, but feel free to post it on UserVoice.

Hi, this is on the backlog

When available you will probably be able to mute them with a setting or policy.
Not exactly what i had in mind. I wanted the account to have access to all or at least most of the channels. I just want to be able to stop the public account from being able to write posts, react or have any other interaction. I hope that they implement it together with that suggestion. Also thank you for your reply.

@MuhamedOmerovic Hi, am I getting this right that you want to have a team for collaboration, and you want to add/invite a public account (anonymous?) to the team but you don't want these members of the team to be able to interact in any way? Why on earth do you set up a team then? The very foundation is collaboration but with different set of roles (permissions). Basically you're saying to add a "guest user" but to disable all the permissions for the guest. My apologies if I don't understand the request.


Btw, if you instead would like to enable guest access and turn off some capabilities you can read this article


At the workplace we have personal accounts and work accounts that everyone has access to, when you log on to a computer you use the public account. I want to limit the public accounts so that they can access the information in Teams channels but not be able to make any changes to mitigate any future harassment that can thrive due to anonymity.