Mute/unmute hotkey stopped working in main windows during presentation

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In recent versions I have been able to press CTRL + SHIFT+ M when I was presenting (sharing) something from my Teams main window.

Recently this stopped working and I need to go forth and back from main window to the my call window to mute myself.

Could you please restore the old behavior.

Thank you!

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These hotkeys have not been replaced. They should still work as always. Not sure why they would stop working for you. Maybe try updating your version of Teams and also update your devices with system updates too to see if this corrects it.

@PeterRising they are still working, when the OS focus is on the call window. But they stopped working when the OS focus is on the main window (with the chats and stuff). 
We are doing online daily stand-ups where colleagues post their summaries up-front in a Teams channel. Then I present the posts and people explain them. There I used the hotkey to mute/unmute myself. This is not working anymore. :(

Oh I see. When you switch from the meeting window it doesn't work. I just tried the same and I have the same behaviour as you are seeing. And you definitely were able to do this previously?  I don't particularly recall this being possible.

Yes @PeterRising, I was using that on a daily basis, so I can definitely confirm that this did work before. And I am really missing it. :(

@PeterRising While running Teams as a web application under Edge, there is a new hotkey in Microsoft Edge that is in conflict, which might prevent the mute from happening. There is a conversation happening here about this: 

Thank you @PeterRising for getting back to me about this. With quickly browsing through that information, I don't think, this applies to my issue:
- I am not using Teams on Edge (using the Windows App).
- The shortcut is working for me, when the focus is on the call window, but stopped working, when the focus is on the main application window.

I'm noticing the same issue. Any resolution @Tom_F73?

Nothing yet that I know of @chadwoodhead . I still have to use the mouse going back and forth between the windows. Not really convenient. :(