Mute MS Teams "Team" notification in Android & IOS

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Hi community,


Being a regular user of MS Teams, its always frustrated me that I am unable to MUTE just TEAMS notifications through Android and IOS.


I still wish to get MS Teams notifications for more personal matters such as MEETINGS and CHATS, but you can imagine, the TEAMS cannot be individually muted unless you disable all "MS TEAMS" notifications - which in turn stops ALL notifications, including chats, phone calls and meetings etc (pretty vital).


Has anyone else noticed this and is there an easy remedy?

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Yeah, theres no mute This team only switch! What you have to do is to look over your followed channels! You only receive notifications for those channels you follow!


@adam deltinger  And you can now mute individual channels in a team by setting channel notifications "off"


Except muting the chat in the Teams app does not appear to stop my phone vibrating to notify me so I'm not clear on what "mute" means if it has no impact on notifications.