Music Status change based on Spotify/YouTube Music etc.



Is there anything about changing Microsoft Teams' status to "Listening to X" based on what we are currently listening to on Spotify or YouTube Music etc ? Or is there any development about this currently?


It would be cool like back in old MSN days :D 

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I’m not aware of any of this! There’s APIs for presence but not for any custom alterations afaik
Hi, not sure about YouTube but the awesome Luise Freese wrote a great blog about a Power Automate flow that displays you 'Now Playing' from Spotify as your Teams status message.
(Check the comments on the blog, it points out a missing "]" which had me scratching my head for a while!). Good luck!

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My way to solve this problem is to use a spotify apk, it would unlock all features and restrictions but of course, it's a modified Apk so use it on your own decision.