Music on hold for regular Teams calls

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Hi Folks, 

If I read the Info correctly in the Microsoft Doco below, we have Music on hold feature for Call Queues and PSTN-To-Teams only? How about regular Teams to Teams calls? 

Plays default music defined by the service when an external call from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is placed on hold. This feature works for one-to-one PSTN-to-Teams calls in addition to calls made to a call queue. This feature provides on-hold notification parity with other platforms. This feature is configurable by the administrator but currently only via PowerShell. Hold music is also not supported in consultative transfer of a PSTN call.

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Hi @Manoj Karunarathne   Was there a question here or did you just want to share info?

@ThereseSolimeno Yes the question is 'whether we have MOH for Teams-To-Teams Calling'

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Here's a quick update up on checking with Microsoft Support.

Music on hold for Teams to Teams calls is currently unavailable and no sign of development or ETA yet. I have posted a Uservoice item which you can vote if this is something you'd like to have in Teams calling - 

@Manoj Karunarathne 

Do we know if this music applies to transfering a call. When we choose "consult first" the call is placed on hold. The external user does not get any on hold music playing.



@injurymatters No it doesn't apply on "Consulting" scenarios, as far as I know. 

Thats a shame. We have customers think they have been cut off as there is just silence. Hopefully something they would add. Its a pretty standard feature in most phone systems. Thanks
just adding my voice to this - callers here nothing but silence when their call is being transferred - feature to add hold music required
Your SBCs should be able to fill the gap for MoH on Transfers for the time being. They should have the ability to look in the SDP coming from Teams for a=inactive and then play an MoH audio file to the external party while they wait for the transfer to complete. If you have a 3rd party looking after your SBCs you should be talking to them about this function.

This is also what the problem I'm looking for is for mobile phones at Klingeltonkostenlos

Am I wrong that now custom moh is a available for Teams to To Teams but only default crappy music is available for PSTN calls. Assbackwards

@Len Raphael 


I still don't have for Teams to Teams call.  enabled at a policy level though . Do you find it available for such calls ?



Don't know. But like many other Teams features, migth only be avail if the web Teams.

pretty sure custom music on hold now works for external aka PSTN callers
prrety sure custom moh is now avail for local Teams app inbound pstn calls