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I would appreciate advice for Teams add-on called

1.) Price - in MS Store it says "some charges may apply" but it is free to download, also in Teams apps, you can add it for free. On the Mural site, it says that there are several membership levels, from 12€ to more expensive. So what do we exactly get in this Teams version of the app?;

2.) How is group assignment work for this? Can we push the app for all users in AAD? Would it be possible to manage it through security groups or security policies in Teams admin center?

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Hi @DiVojich,

so the Mural App is just an entry point within  Teams taht you can use Mural. You can purchase the License through the App or the Website of Mural that makes no difference. It is excactly the same. We are testing at the monent that the user put in the Mural via a weblink into Teams so that is nearly the same experience when you use the App.

You can do the authentication against your AAD but you have in Mural also Portal where you have to  set the Licensce Level for the USer. In our case our Licenscemanagemt will handel this.

Hope that helps.