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I am a school principal.  We are using teams.  My teachers have put me into each of their teams.  However, I do not have one Team with all Students in it.  Is it possible to make a announcement or broadcast or post into all teams that I am in?

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Yes there is - used cross post to post the same message into multiple channels in multiple teams. Here is the article


Go to one channel in one team, select the format icon underneath and then you will see something above the message that says post in multiple channels. Most people broadcast into the general channel of all the Teams they are in


Hope that answers your question


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You can do this but the issue with it currently is if anyone responds etc. You will have multiple replies coming in and conversations to keep up with. Maybe this is ok, but just something to keep in mind.

If you had a Team with all students in it ,you could prevent them from posting into the channels other than replies and keep members (students) from creating new channels etc. Then you could Post and @mention the entire school and have global replies.

Anyway, just an alternative to consider, if for some reason cross positing is tedious with posting if there are a lot of Teams and or the replies become an issue.
Another alternative would be Yammer - considering that is meant for broadcasting,,,

Best, Chris