Multiple people video chat

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How am I able to see all four people present in the chat at once (Quadrant screen) As of now when I am in a video chat with four people The screen switches back-and-forth between the speaker. I am only able to paint one speaker at a time. I would like to see or four people at once. Is there something I need to hit or click to do this.

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You should see up to four people in your screen
I know I should but I don’t is there something I need to click on to see all 4 in one screen at a time.

Is there any content being shared?


@dklimek I am having the same problem when using the Web version of Teams but not the app.  Is yours the web version, and have you found any fix to this?

I just tested with Teams App, mobile and web client and all 4 of them show me 4 videos at a time. I have not seen the 1 window experience. May have to open a case with MS on that one.
Good Luck!

@MQ-Work I am having the same problem of only seeing one person at a time.  I am very new at this, but plan on doing all of my office hours via Team, so I'm a little concerned that I cant see anyone. I used my laptop for my Team meeting.