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Does anyone else experience this - 

If you are in a Teams meeting and 2 (or more) people speak/make a noise at the same time you can't hear/understand what either of them are saying. If you are the one speaking and someone speaks over you don't know that they have and don't know whether you've been heard or not.
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Yes, I notice this. If there is a bit of a delay, you often get people speaking over each other and neither can tell that the other is speaking.

@RogerW8 Hi! We are search for indicator from currently speaker is active, as Zoom, but cant see nothing. Any suggestion?

@Miguelos2When someone is speaking, a circle appears around their picture/initials and the square they are in turns dark blue (instead of black when not speaking).  Also in the participants list (if you have that sidebar open) their name goes bold when they speak.

I think Teams' algorithm checks at the audio volume. The person with the loudest audio is given the stage.


Im just using the built-in microphone of my iMac and its way better than the PC laptop microphones. Unfortunately I still experience getting cut mid-sentence when everyone's microphone is turned on. But its not the same for people talking using a wired headset with a microphone. 


I've just increased the gain on my microphone. I'll see next week if I'll have the same experience. 




Has anyone tried using a USB microphone or a condenser mic with the computer's speaker? Does that solve the problem? Will it create a new problem where the USB mic will pick-up audio from the speakers and generate echo?