Multiple organizations, only need one.

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Good Morning,

I have a problem with my Teams. We had Teams before on a personal tenant, but now we've migrated to a new tenant. The problem is, i still see the old Teams tenant in the Organization selector. When i go to my Microsoft account and to Organizations i only see the current organization and not the old ones because i deleted my connection to the old tenant. Is there a way to leave the old organization within Teams?

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I have similar problem. My kids accessed their school Teams accounts from my mobile phone.
They have different accounts at different domains/tenants this year but the old ones still appear in the menu and we cannot get rid of them. There are also nonsense-combinations of accounts and organizations in the menu. Also quite often a wrong one opens by default and tries to authenticate.
My workaround was : quickly click "Cancel" so many times until a small back arrow appears in front of the account username. Then click at that arrow and quickly click the initials/photo in upper left corner and switch to another saved combination of username/organization .
If you get up to here try switching between messages and teams and then again quickly something on the top screen menu - like go to "files" under teams.
If you have good luck, it can somehow try connecting to the right organization before the short timeout when it tries again to authenticate against the wrong organization.
Cumbersome but sometimes it works.