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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Multiple Organizations in teams

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I'm working in two organization accounts and therefore i have to either constantly switch accounts or log into one by browser.


I've found some workarounds here


but is there any method or is microsoft planning to fix it without any "hacks" like these?

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Teams web and Desktop Will have support for multiple accounts like the mobile client already have today! Don’t really know when though

@adam deltinger looking forward to have multiple organisation support in desktop app.



@adam deltinger Any idea when this will be available?

@piotrekp1 I agree this would be great to fix.  From a competitive standpoint this needs to be fixed since Slack has the ability to easily switch between multiple org slack environments both on the desktop app and on mobile.  This is a huge pain point for me today with Teams, since it causes me to miss messages because I have to login multiple times and rotate logins throughout the day between 3 orgs that I participate in.  It's ridiculously frustrating.


Thanks for posting workarounds in the interim. 

@piotrekp1 Thank you for posting this. I am really hoping this gets traction and we hear an update on this. It has been almost four months now, is there any forseeable target for this? 


This is a huge step backwards. I am working for a company that has many different clients, and before when using skype for business i could simply add a group for a client and add all their contacts into that. More importantly i could search for them and find them anytime. 

From teams it is no long possible to reach out to teams users on other orgs quickly. And even worse we have to switch orgs to even message them. Even within the org that i have access and been given permission to i cant search for users in that org. 


This means that if i am in a meeting for my own company org, and want to send a message to get someone from a different org to answer something quickly or even join my meeting it is impossible to do that. 

I cant imagine what situation occurred that caused the design of this app to move that many steps backward and lose important features being used by the entire community.  Please put heavy consideration on this item. Ease of use and communication is teams' literal mission and purpose and a big piece of this has been taken away.

If I have missed something and these features or workaround are available somehow, please inform me and I will digress. 


Looking forward to a reply soon. 

This is so important for a global organization like ours.  Has it been delivered yet?

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There is a uservoice for to allow access to multiple organisations via the desktop app I want to use multiple Teams accounts at the same time . It shows they are are working on it


I have found a way to work with multiple tenants at the same time. Check out this youtube solution.

Working with multiple Teams at the same time