Multiple lines on same user

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is it possible to have multiple extension/DDI lines for the same client? Use cases being.

1. An exec wants to have a private DDI for selected callers, and to also make a call from that line and show a different CLI

2. I.T support want a 2nd line so they can see if it is a support call and discern it from a normal call


Do hard phones provide it ? can the Softclient have this?

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Currently that is not possible, there is an uservoice requesting the same private line function as in Skype.
Private Lines / Phone Numbers for End Users – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


Your option now is to forward the second phone number to the primary number in your SBC, if you have one or if your carrier can help you with that. Another option is to setup a Call Queue with the second phone number, you could also create a second user for that second phone number and forward but that would require and extra license.


For your IT support I would suggest using a Call Queue.

@Linus Cansby 

Many thanks for the reply and the good suggestions