Multiple Instances of Shared Excel Workbook

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Hey All,


I have created a price calculator for our company in excel and I would like to share it to Teams for our sales staff to use, but I don't want everyone to be using the same shared workbook at the same time.  Is there a way to create multiple instances of the same shared workbook that I can upload to a team-wide channel so that everyone is working on their own workbook?


My current solution is that I have created individual channels for each team member and uploaded a copy to that member's channel.  I need to be able to update the price calculator without having to delete or overwrite local copies.  Thanks for your help!

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There are several options. The Shared Workbook in Excel enables multiple users to be in the same file and have their own view. They can all be updating, filtering, all at the same time, in their own view. There will be a pop-up in the header when they open the file that will ask each user whether they want to open their own view or make changes to everyone's view. You can keep the central file and then make a shortcut in different Teams or Channels so everyone has access to the same file to share. (Sometimes editing in the browser view will help alleviate sync lag, should there be any.)

You could also create the parent file in a site collection. Make it read only. Put the link to that file as a shortcut in different Teams/Channels (and/or share the file). Then everyone is using the most updated version. They will open the parent version (template that you make updates to) and save their own copy on desired working location(s).

Does this help? Or is there a more specific ask?