Multiple Instances of Microsoft Teams Application


Microsoft Teams Application has always been improving based on the feature’s availability in the Teams Application. Microsoft has been enhancing the features some based on the existing Skype for Business Application and some based on the User Voice Request.

There is already an ongoing User Voice Request to have multiple instances of Microsoft Teams on the Windows Machine.

The major use of the multiple instances of Microsoft Teams Application: -

  1. Being from the Support industry the people need to be logged into the corporate account and a test account for testing the features simultaneously
  2. To do multitasking project with multiple people viewing the desktop from two different people.
  3. Attending Two Different Meeting at a same time wherein one of the meeting you are a silent participant or just the host of the meeting

Disadvantages of using multiple instances of Microsoft Teams Application

  1. Multiple Notification of Chat Messages Calls and Meeting Reminder sometimes becomes annoying.
  2. Since you are using the multiple instances of the application you cannot download the documents or files from the second version as the first version is associated with your drive. We can always edit the document in the Microsoft Teams Application without any issues.

Here is the link to the Source Code

  1. Copy the below information and paste it in a notepad.




REM Uses the file name as the profile name


ECHO - Using profile "%MSTEAMS_PROFILE%"





ECHO - Launching MS Teams with profile %MSTEAMS_PROFILE%

cd "%OLD_USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams"

"%OLD_USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe" --processStart "Teams.exe"


  1. Save the File with the name Profile.cmd


  1. Once you have your Teams Application Running with one profile double click on the Batch File second instance of the application will be initiated automatically. You can login with same profile or different profile basis on your need.


Here is the User Voice for the same. Please vote for the User Voice

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Cela fonctionnait bien sur la version 32 bits, mais le script ne fonctionne plus sur la deuxieme instance depuis l installation de la version 64 bits. La deuxieme fenetre s ouvre aussi sur le premier y a t il un parametre a changer?


Thanks for your solution.

But at this morning i got an error message after starting teams from them .cmd file.


Have you got an solution for this, too?







This was a great help until a couple of days ago. But now I am getting the error as seen in the attached image. I can see that this is happening for others too from the previous comment.


Would be great if you could throw some light on this.


Me too, I have the same error as in the screenshots from @Ranga_r & @DeMa_cronos. Would love to go back to normal with my own and 2 clients' Teams open together. Thanks.

@RealTime_M365  Hi - I am getting the same error as those noted above.  I cant figure a solution - I am guessing a file path has changed but not sure.  Any help would be appreciated


Workaround for this that I have found is to use the Progressive Web App functionality.

Just login to via Edge browser. Follow the image below and click Install this site as app:

Screenshot 2021-05-18 185158.png

That "problem" with this workaround is, that I only login in one Account. But if I have got more then one guest account I cant use them not parallel. But It helps to work with the Main-Account and one other Guestaccount. Thanks for your help.



i did that and works for a couple of week but now i'm not able to execute the batch file it is giving me a java error 



please let me know if you have any clue how to solve this 



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To fix the "Failed to get 'downloads' path" error, add the mkdir line as shown here:


  I am getting error when i run this same is working in other system 


Thanks @tomlen Your comment was helpful. My problem is fixed now.
Big thanks to @tomlen It fix the problem.
Thanks @tomlen
Your solution has worked for me too!
Whoop Whoop!
Big Thanks, this has fixed the issue.

Is there a Powershell version of this?


I wanna use Teams deep link to jump straight to a channel, by calling the msteams protocol handler. See this thread for more info - Re: Command Line args to goto channels directly? - Microsoft Tech Community


The problem is that it will jump to the channel in the "normal" Teams, instead of using the custom profile Teams. I think if this script can be converted to Powershell, I might have some ideas to get the above working.

This worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

@RealTime_M365 This works but unfortunately, how do I log in to another business account, because I am already logged in. 

In the meanwhile Microsoft has migrated feature requests to another platform. Can you share an updated link? It would be so cool if Microsoft were to adapt some kind of tenant federation. Just put all chats and groups in the same view across all tenants. But then, what about data protection :)

Does this work with the "new" Teams? I think the new Teams supports multiple accounts but I want each account in a separate window.

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best response confirmed by ThereseSolimeno (Microsoft)

To fix the "Failed to get 'downloads' path" error, add the mkdir line as shown here:

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