Multiple incoming calls answered automatically


I wonder if someone can clarify something for me. 


A client of ours has complained that when on a call, if another call is presented it automatically answers, as a result user can hear both conversations.. i'm unable to find anything in the logs to show anything to back this up but i am amazed that the teams client didn't place the call on hold.  With this in mind can someone please advise if they have heard of similar issues.. sorry if this sounds far fetched but i am going by user testimony..  

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Hi @BenRooke 


Seems confusing. But in case I am already on a call yes Teams Client will present me the second call but it will not auto answer the call. Point to check 1. Is the customer using multiple instances of Microsoft Teams Application running in parallel. 


To my surprise as if I am on a call and I answer the second call as well If I answer the call the First Call Goes on Hold when I answer the Second Call this is a by default feature of Microsoft Phone System


I too use the multiple instance of Microsoft Teams Application only then I can hear both the call at the same time. Not an ideal use of Microsoft Teams but yes this might be causing the issue.


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@BenRooke  We use Microsoft Teams heavily and find the same issue reoccurs regularly. We also find that when logging on, the user will be startled to find that Teams will have answered the Teams call without the user being aware or prepared to answer. We have contacted our Microsoft Rep and there is no solution for this issue that we have been made aware of.

@BenRooke yes, we too have the same exact issue.  A person is on a Teams call, a second call comes in and is automatically answered by Teams, and puts the first call on hold.


One of my colleagues, also a heavy user of Teams and has the same issue.  I will report through our helpdesk also to see if we can escalate to MS using that route.

@BenRooke I've got the same issue.  Anyone have a solution yet?