Multilanguage greeting message for AutoAttendants and CallQueues

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Dear all,

Is there a trick to have more than 1 language in as a greeting message? What I do now is:


AA_en-EN with an englisch greeting message, transfer the call to AA_nl-NL with a dutch greeting message -> transfer the call to the callqueue.


It would be awesome if we can use a sort of shortcode in a single greeting message to create a multilanguage message in just 1 greeting message. Like: [en-EN] Welcome to, please hold the line [nl-NL] Welkom bij, een moment geduld alstublieft.


How do you creata a multilanguage Voice environment in Teams?


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Creating a multilanguage greeting message for AutoAttendants and CallQueues can be essential for providing a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for callers who speak different languages. Here's a template for such a greeting message:

"Welcome to [Your Company Name]. We are pleased to offer support in multiple languages to better serve you.

  • For English, please press 1.
  • Para Español, presione 2.
  • Pour le français, appuyez sur 3.
  • Für Deutsch, drücken Sie die 4.
  • Per l'italiano, premi il 5.

If you know the extension you wish to reach, please dial it now. Otherwise, please stay on the line, and one of our representatives will assist you shortly.

In this example, you can replace the language options and numbers with your specific language choices and corresponding keypress options. This allows callers to select their preferred language for further assistance, ensuring a more user-friendly experience.

Hi @ItsBhatti!

Thanks for your message! That is indeed one solution. To create a language specific callflow. But that is not an option for one of my customers. Just one callflow with a dualangauge spoken text with each step you take.

I also experimented with screenrecording to record each message in each languange and combine them in one audio file. It does the trick, but is not really friendly for the administrators hahaha.

There is no website which allows to create audio files generated with text2speech with the same voices Microsoft uses? That would be acceptable for me aswell.

@BvdL79 Why not have two numbers, one in each region with a different AA in each language, then redirecting people into the same call queues. Dial the German number you hear German, the French number you hear French.

@StevenC365 well, this specific case is a High School with international students and the customer specifically requested to have the greeting messages in dutch followed by englisch. Not a separate call-flow. I believe that using numerous Auto-attendants specifically for greeting messages is the only option for this scenario. Good thing that the required licenses (resource accounts) are free.


But it would be nice if we can define a language/gender with a shortcode like [en-EN][Male] to have different messages in 1 greeting message. I have submitted this as feedback.

@BvdL79 I guess you are talking about the text to speech part of the auto attendant ? Why not get a person to record the message with both languages? 


I see your point, feel free to suggest it at Microsoft Teams · Community but I would expect it's not that common a requirement.