MTR - Teams Version is Breaking the Ability to Join Meetings

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I have an issue on my Teams systems that is happening globally, and across different systems (Logitech and Crestron). Since the update to the new version, some rooms are rendered totally unusable because the 'Join', 'Meet', and 'Call' buttons don't start a call. I can press it over and over, sometimes I'll get the call-start chime, but it does not actually join or start a meeting. I still have the ability to access settings, and navigate the whole Windows profile, but simply cannot join a meeting. Power cycling does not work, unplugging and re-plugging the touch panel does not work. I've had to take these systems offline to prevent users from using the room.

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@RickyOrmeno same issue we facing with new update, have you got any resolution on it 



Are you guys using the new GUI or was it disabled via XML?  If so, maybe try enabling the new GUI in the XML file by changing:



We had a custom background wallpaper setup, and even after changing the settings XML file to >true< it still doesn't work, our workaround is to reset the Logitech TAP and re-authenticate to the account, this re-enables the new enhanced GUI, and works fine - We're now trying to figure out how to re-deploy the custom background wallpaper using the enhance GUI and remove the calendar off the main monitor for privacy purposes. Has anybody been able to do this yet?