MTR Event 3001 - False Device Disconnected

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We are seeing this a lot for devices seemingly showing a health status of disconnected but are in fact not.  If you enter a room or remote to the device they are actually in an idle state and kick into life. 


The power settings are configured with the "High Performance" power plan.


The drivers, OS and device firmware are all up to date. The issue is random across what appear to be identical MTRs


Event Status are multiple Event 2000 followed by Event 3001 and occur every 5 minutes....



Anyone have or seen anything similar?  Completely stuck at the moment as it screws up our alerting

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@Neothings1709 When you look at the event log entry, it should show what is Unhealthy.  That might provide a further clue.  I know that on my devices are like yours, all ok, but there is a ResourceState of Unhealthy. No idea what that does I'm afraid.