MTR Display names not appearing on MTR front end or controllers.

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Hello all


We have several clients and our own test devices not showing the MTR display names on the front of room or controller display. We have a mixture of Windows 10 Compute based MTR systems running the latest MTR app and Windows 10 versions allowed by MTR.


All devices have been setup as Teams Room systems on Business licenses.


All devices have Exchange accounts and show as signed into Teams Room account and Exchange. Meetings can be completed and invites sent and accepted through the associated Teams admin accounts.


Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Thank you


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@MarkGrimesRSL I've been investigating this and updated my blog post today as I discovered it again on one of my tenants.  I can't seem to make any sense of it.  Eventually I worked it out, one MTR was on a TAP build of early software which was causing me not to see the display name.  No idea why.

Thanks Graham, that is a comprehensive and informative article. So it looks to be a bug in 4.8.31 and we await a release to fix. Like you say it appears in a meeting and i can invite into scheduled meetings and auto accept etc. A new difference I have noticed is that invites on a ThinkSmart unit show the meeting name for a second on acceptance and then display the list as the name of the organiser and not the meeting title!. Strange. Unfortunately i do not have full access to my Tenant here so will speak to my IT team. Thanks

@MarkGrimesRSL  @Graham Walsh 

Hi Guys,

Any updates on this issue.

We are running with Crestron UC-MX50-T hardware and having the same issue.

It seem to go hand in hand with a SKYPE sign in error.

In other words out of our 84 room systems 5 have a skype sign in issue and they also do not show there name.

We have a hybrid setup with a on prem skype server which we still use for a telephony application.

Raised a ticket with support as well.


If you sign in with a known good account on a device that isn't showing the name, does it work fine? If so, that would point to that resource account. Odd that 79 work and 5 don't. Might be worth comparing the accounts with PowerShell output to spot any differences.